On Journalism #2 Typewriter

The typewriter installation «On Journalism #2 Typewriter» writes generatively constructed stories about all journalist who have been killed worldwide between 1992 and today based on the existing data of their lives as well as their published work. The individual stories are connected through common fields of coverage, places, professions and many other aspects. Besides the text the typewriter creates also images e.g. flags which are heavier distorted the more journalists got killed in that particular country.

The story is written endlessly on one endless piece of paper.

Individual stories are being composed generatively. Always based on the data-set and combined with web searches. The flags are being distorted in relation to the amount of journalists who got killed in this country.


The software creates information graphics about the statistics in the data-set (e.g. how many have been killed in which country, which professions etc.) to connect them to the individual stories of the journalists. Screenshot and the typewriters execution.



The data arrives directly from the Committee to Protect Journalists and is also the basis for an additional magazine where a set of data graphics explain the abstract numbers through an artistic approach to data visualization.


The installation is accompanied by a set of prints which highlight specific aspects like the state of freedom of the press in certain countries, the field of coverage and the ties between the journalists.





Thanks to Andreas Göbel for support with the installation and to Jonathan M. Guberman for technical support and inspiration.